Our world is full of beauty on all levels, be it a bustling night market, a gloomy urban landscape or a magnificent natural vista. My travels have taken me to some amazing places some further afield and some on my doorstep here in the UK.

The beginnning

After finishing a degree in Fine Art at Cheltenham and Gloucester College, my main focus was video installation art or Dreamscapes that would immerse the viewer in a audio/visual experience taking them off to another place. In addition to this, I also created site specific sound installations, playing with the participant’s sense of reality.

After leaving Cheltenham I spent two years at Kingston University undertaking a sound engineering diploma, at the time I had no real aspirations to take the career path in to sound engineering it was more a learning path to help me develop my own installation work.

Coming out the other side, I ended up focussing on website and graphic design via a short stay in music publishing.

Journeys through Travel

I’d always been a keen photographer and videographer, but my love of world travel really kicked off with a visit to Peru in 2000. From there,  I took regular trips into Europe and then further afield to Australia, the Carribean, Middle East, India and South-East Asia.

Through my pictures I take people on a journey to some of the places I have visited: the vibrant colours, the sublime, the mundane and the abstract.

Street Photography

One of things I love first about arriving in a new place is the excitement of getting out onto the streets and exploring. Every place is different, from the narrow catacomb streets of Varanasi to the dusty outback towns of Australia. Each place has it’s own story through the people, the food, the art and the music.

Street Art

My hometown of Bristol is renowned for it’s urban art and I love to document street art in other countries as and when I stumble across it.

Urban abstraction

The other side of my photography are my black and white abstract works exploring the minimalism and complexity of urban architecture and natural scenes. In time I am looking to create some large scale prints to work insitu with specific spaces.

Purchasing prints or using my work

If you would like to purchase any of my work as prints or for use in publications (offline or online) please get in touch for pricing.

I am going to be launching an online store in the near future, in the meantime you will be able to order prints through 212 Productions.

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